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Calligraphy wedding invitations are elegant and beautiful. There is truly nothing like having a calligrapher create your wedding invitations. In fact, the calligraphers work is the first time that your friends and family are going to find out about your wedding plans. That means that finding the perfect candidate for your needs is tremendously important. Let's talk about it.

Finding potential calligraphers is your first task. This is going to be the most difficult step. The market for calligraphers is a slim one. If you go to your local stationery store, they often keep a list of the nearby calligraphers. Do a Google search for calligaphers in your area. Search engines are very helpful tools because they provided reviews. The reviews are written by customers. Check out as many reviews as you possibly can. If a calligrapher has various bad reviews you should not consider them an option. There are many calligraphers online. You should not choose an online calligrapher. Choose someone in your local area. When you choose a calligrapher online, you don’t really know what you're getting until they are sent in the mail.

Now that you have a list of calligraphers in your area you can begin calling calligraphers and inquire about pricing. Typically a calligrapher will charge two to five dollars per invitation. You should hire a calligrapher at two weeks to a month in advance. Calligraphy is a very time consuming process.

Visit the calligraphers on your list. You should ask to view their portfolios. By viewing their portfolios you can determine if you like their work. You can also get some ideas for your wedding invitations. You will need to determine a color scheme, and a script. You can look on the internet for scripts. You can also have the calligraphers show you some examples of scripts to help you decide. If you want envelopes created you will need to provide a list of your guests. Ask the calligraphers for an example invitation. which calligrapher best met your needs.

The final step is to hire your favorite calligrapher for your wedding. Calligraphy wedding invitations are elegant and beautiful. They are wonderful keepsakes. This article will help you to get this right.