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Limousine Milwaukee Limousine Selection:

If you're looking for a fine luxury limousine or perhaps a roomy and accommodating limousine bus, you've come to the right place! Limousine Milwaukee has a great selection of both limos and limo buses for you to choose from for your big event. A small sample of our offerings are included below. If you would like to find out more about our fleet, or the services we offer, just get in touch with one of our friendly agents. They'll be pleased to help you in any way possible!

Limo Bus: 14 Passengers

A cozy and intimate option, this 14 passenger limo bus is just what you need for a fun night out on the town in Milwaukee! You'll enjoy supremely comfortable leather seating, beautiful color-changing lighting, wood floors, a thunderous audio system, and more! Enjoy your favorite music via CD, iPod/phone, or Bluetooth.

Limousine: 18 Passengers

This is another option for groups of up to 18 passengers and it's as luxurious as the option above. On board this bus you'll find custom lighting that changes colors for a fun effect, hardwood flooring (with enough room to dance!), a designated beverage area with space to put a cooler, a booming stereo, and more! You can play your own music with your CDs or iPod or even connect your phone via Bluetooth.

Limo Bus: 18 Passengers

Groups of up to 18 passengers will have a great time on this party bus! The luxe atmosphere is just what you need for any fun night out in Milwaukee! There's colorful lighting, hardwood dance floors, a designated beverage area with room for ice to make sure your drinks stay chilled, and the most plush leather seats with a diamond pattern. There's enough cup holders for everyone and it's intimate yet spacious enough for everyone to be comfortable.

Limo Bus: 22 Passengers

Above is just one of the fine examples of our unique, stylish, and comfortable limo buses. Equipped with many comforts and amenities that you might not expect in a luxury vehicle, our limo bus is prepared to encounter any event! Inside, you'll find, luxury flooring, supple leather seating, mood lighting, as well as tinted (and shaded) windows to ensure the privacy of your guests. There's space for up to 22 guests on this one.

Limo Bus: 24 Passengers

This new 24 passenger party bus is an extravagant choice! Plush two-tone leather seats, vibrant color-changing lights, two TVs, a club-like atmosphere with an amazing stereo system, beautiful hardwood floors, a beverage area with an ice chest, strobe lights, a dance pole, champagne glasses, and much more. This is the vehicle for anyone that wants the VIP experience.

Limo Bus: 40 Passengers

Our largest vehicle is our 40 passenger limo bus. This bus has a beautiful interior with hardwood floors, plush leather seats, custom color-changing lights, a drink area with a designated spot to put a cooler, and dark windows for privacy. In addition, there's a new sound system that will blow you away! So pop in a CD or plug in your iPod, and dance, drink, and have a great time celebrating on this incredible limo bus!